Welcome to Freddies

We have over 50 different species of fish, including hybrids mix in natural conditions. Spawning 4 or 5 times a year in several species, provide natural food for our many predator type fish.

Alligator Gar, Giant Snakehead, Mekong, Marbled Goby, Giant Gourami, Black ear Chao Phraya, Bighead carp, Mekong/Swai, Swai, Walking Cats, Barramundi, to mention but a few.

We do not systematically feed our fish with special bait or steroids for growth, only natural foods crab eels shellfish, etc. We cater for Fly Fishing, Spinning, Ledgering, Float fishing, various leaders and rigs, etc. We use barbless or crimped barbs up to a size 16 in Thai. We permit live bait, dead bait, various meats, various bread, rice lam, boilies, etc all must be inspected before fishing.

Fishing costs 1000 Baht daily per person (one rod no sharing).

Freddies fishing park Pattaya Thailand

 Opening Hours

8-45am to 6-45pm Tuesday to Saturday inclusive.

Sunday and Monday closed to public. Only private bookings up to 8 anglers.